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Photo Collagé

A Very Popular Item!

Zzyzx Works unique Pocket Full of MemoriesTM  Photo Collagé is an artistic way to display many of your precious photos with a central theme. Your images are blended together, without physically cutting them, placing them in a large medium suitable for framing.  A Photo Collagé is a way to blend all the members of your family into one large photographical tapestry delighting all that look and find themselves hidden in the many folds of the tapestry.

Family trees, a child's growth, professional history are but a few of the many examples of the Photo Collagé. Groups of collages can be created to make that unique representation of the history of individual family members or all the members of the family.  The possibilities are endless.  Take your old photos and group them in our unique Pocket Full of MemoriesTM  Photo Collagé for viewing and sharing by all.

If you are looking for more unique ways to tell about your family, organization or a special event, please consider one of our best selling items; the Pocket Full of MemoriesTM Video.


Sample 1 - Photo Collagé

Sample 2a - Photo Collagé, Series 1 of 3


Sample 2b - Photo Collagé, Series 2 of 3


Sample 2c - Photo Collagé, Series 3 of 3


Sample 3 - Photo Collagé


Sample 4 - Photo Collagé


Updated: October 28, 2007
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